M o o ('lil rrr I any of the platemaking implements which served us well a few years ago are no longer adequate to meet the demands of the high-speed color printing presses of today. Only with modern equipment can these conditions be met with assurance of satisfactory results on the publication page. Here, in the Beck galleries, we keep abreast of the times with the latest mechanical equipment from giant color cameras to batteries of high-speed, four-color wet proving presses designed to anticipate modern pressroom performance. But we cling to one old-fashioned idea handed down to us from earlier generations of Beck craftsmen: a never-ending desire to achieve perfection in our work as a guarantee of satisfactionto everyone concerned. THE BECK ENGRAVING COMPANY Philadelphia 6 New York 17 Boston 16 t/) O 297

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 309