iloth-bnund books HI W HOLLISTON MILLS I THE MAKING OF BOOKBINDING FABRICS 1 i the making of bookbinding FABRICS i s ill' i -T~ ill are treasured People respect cloth-bound volumes so highly that they keep them on their shelves for years for ready reference, rereading or attrac tive appearance. So always design cloth-bindings for fine books distinctive bro chures superior catalogs distinguished annuals -and for all messages destined to be treasured. Cloth-bound volumes demand attention never are ruthlessly discarded. Holliston offers you the widest and choicest selection of grades colors and finishes of binding fabrics. We'll be happy to send you samples. This 37th ANNUAL OF ADVERTISING AND EDITORIAL ART is bound as always in a HOLLISTON BINDING FABRIC. You will enjoy this picture story of how cotton is transformed into colorful durable desirable Book Binding Fabrics. TV Write us for your FREE copy of this cloth-bound book. NORWOOD MASSACHUSETTS NEW YORK PHILADELPHIA CHICAGO Manufacturers of Bookbinding Fabrics Tracing Cloths, Coated and Impregnated Fabrics, In sulating Cloth Base, Rubber Hollands, Map Cloth, Photo Cloth, Reinforcing Fabrics, Sign, Label and Tag Cloths. I 111 11

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 316