Designer: Georg Olden, New York Penn commissioned designer Georg Olden to create this insert, and to incorporate in it practically all of the demands on the printability of paper which could be encountered. See for yourself how faithfully Penn/Brite Offset has reproduced each of his design elements how well it has passed his "torture-test." Penn/Brite Offset is the white, bright, value sheet that comes to you moisturized and double-wrapped. Write for new, complimentary swatch book and the name of your nearest distributor. New York Pennsylvania Company, 425 Park Avenue, New York 22, New York. NEW YORK AND PENN Director of Graphic Arts for CBS-TV, was recently selected by the Japanese art magazine, Idea, as one of the fifteen leading graphic arts designers in the United States. Among Mr. Olden's many professional awards are gold medals by the New York and Philadelphia Art Direc tors Clubs for outstanding contributions to TV graphic art direction." PULP AND PAPER MANUFACTURERS

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 322