LEO BURNETT CO., INC If you draw your conclusions from the self-styled experts in the field these days, advertising and selling are pretty sneaky stuff. We happen to think that most people buy things because they need, want, and can use them. And that these people, regardless of their libidos or ids, like the kind of ad vertising that shows arresting pictures of these products and delivers fresh, truth ful, interesting words about them. Thank heavens, that's the kind of advertising our clients seem to like, too. To hear these boys talk, you'd think advertising was one part psychiatry to two parts brainwashing, with a couple dashes of henbane and dragonwort thrown in. We work for the following companies: Allstate Insurance Company American Mineral Spirits Co. Atchison, Topeka Santa Fe Railway Co. The Bissell Carpet Sweeper Co. Brown Shoe Company Campbell Soup Company Chrysler Corporation Commonwealth Edison Company and Public Service Company The Cracker Jack Co. Crane Co. The Electric Association (Chicago) Green Giant Company Harris Trust and Savings Bank The Hoover Company Kellogg Company The Kendall Company The Maytag Company. Motorola, Inc. .National Associated Mills, Inc.. Philip Morris Inc. \H Chas. Pfizer Co., Inc. Pillsbury Mills, Inc. The Procter Gamble Company The Pure Oil Company The Pure Fuel Oil Company Star-Kist Foods, Inc. Sugar Information, Inc. Swift Company Tea Council of the U. S. A., Inc. I CHICAGO, Prudential Plaza NEW YORK DETROIT HOLLYWOOD TORONTO The Un-hidden persuaders

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 324