THESE STATM ASTERS ARE NOT FOR SALE ÏT mi Why continue to pay high prices for poor quality, slow service, limited facilities, overtime and special service charges? The STATMASTER offers you freedom from "deadline" worries, greater efficiency, increased earnings for you and your clients, without capital investment or additional personnel. NowANYONE, without any knowledge of photography can make the sharpest, reproduction quality Glossy or Matte STATS LITHO, HALF-TONE or SCREENED FILM... from Flat Copy or directly from Objects Enlarged or Reduced (up to 350% in one shot). Negative or Positive (on any grade of paper or film) dried ready to use in a few minutes for less than 10% of your present costs! YOU CAN OWN THE FABULOUS STATMASTER for as little as $230 down (after that, it pays for itself) includes accessories, installation and instruction STATMASTER CORP. 19 West 44th St., New York 36, N.Y. OXford 7-9240 They have recently been installed in progressive Ad Agencies and Art Sen at leading Typographers, Publishers, Printers, Lithographers and Department Stores, throughout the country. Their proud owners beam with delight over the tremendous savings, the phenomenal speed, the versatility, reproduction quality and sheer simplicity of this truly amazing all-in-one unit. IT'S A STAT CAMERA... COPY CAMERA... AN ENLARGER...A "LUCY" FOR TRACING... all incorporated in a fully equipped, compact and efficient darkroom! Come in for a thrilling demonstration or write for Free literature. 312

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 326