ttëtfr TiMfc May we put YOU in our Future? USE JOHNSTONE AND GUSHING// CARTOONS CONTINUITIES COMIC BOOKS Clients: Past and Present Na <~A AM 137 EAST 57th STREET, NEW YORK 22, PLAZA 3-5770 Union Carbide Corporation Shell Oil Ted Bate» Lennen and Newell Sanger-Funneli O'Arcy Advertising Kenyon and Eckhardt Guild, Baseom Bontigli Dancer, Fitzgerald, Sample Red book Magazine Town and Country Bride and Home G.M. Basford Company Winthrop Products Continental Can Co. United Pre»» International McCann Erickson J. Walter Thompson Bourbon Deluxe American Airlines Dorothy Gray Coca Cola Servomechanism» Olin Cellophane Olin Mathieson Western-Winchester Olin Aluminum Halo Shampoo Cashmere Bouquet Taylor Wine Lenox China Gerber Studebaker-Packard Lees Rugs Fedders Pepsi Cola General Electric Maxwell Sackheim Coca Cola Export Steelier Traung lithograph Electromet U.C. Chemical* linde Haynes Stellite U. C. Silicones Wonder Bread Patmoli»* Flelschmann Uncle Ben Morton Colgate Minute Maid Colgate Beauty Soap lustre Creme United Aircraft U.S. Rubber Co. Glass Institute Capital Airlines RCA Lincoln Motor Car General Foods Redbook Good Housekeeping Purolator Perkins and Elmer Stainless Steel Inst. Permatex U.S. I. Kodak Topper Beer Bausch and tomb Constance Spry Douglas Aircraft Swedish American Holland American Cunard lines Let our experience with all advertising art techniques and our proven ability to produce, serve you with Creativity in Art from layout through lettering, illustration, photography, retouching and mechanicals. 'MC. 40 EAST 49TH STREET, NEW YORK, NEW YORK. PL 1-4760

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 329