S3 <»5P What separates the brilliant performer from just another artist"? it: US t1 IS America's 12 Most Famous Illustrators Ben Stahl Stevan Dohanos Norman Rockwell A1 Parker Jon Whitcomb Albert Dome Peter Helck *2rp Dong Kingman Robert Fawcett Fred Ludekens Harold Von Schmidt America's heading Fine Arts Painters Ben Shahn Stuart Davis Syd Solomon Ernest Fiene Adolf Dehn Doris Lee Will Barnet Arnold Blanch Dong Kingman Fletcher Martin America's Most Successful Cartoonists t Rube Goldberg A1 Capp Barney Tobey"* Willard Mullin Dick Cavalli Milton Caniff tt By ALBERT DORNE Famous Magazine Illustrator The brilliant performers in every field of art agree on one thing: Talent, alone, is not enough. It is sometimes all that a young man or woman needs to get started in art. But to move into the circle of top pro fessionals, an artist must know all the modern, advanced techniques of pic ture making. Only then can he develop a style of his own the ability to think out picture problemsand the crafts manship which will set him apart from run-of-the-mill artists. You can't get this knowledge of methods from "on the job" experience alone. Or from time spent with a morgue and clips trying to figure out the techniques of name artists. You certainly can't fit a regular schedule of classroom study into your busy work day. And you don't want to waste time traveling to and from school. It Takes Success To Teach Sucoess That's why home study with the Famous Artists Schools makes such good sense if you're ambitious and recognize the need for more training. You study in the privacy of your own home or studio. Set your own pace. Concentrate on the things you need help with most. Even more important, you benefit directly from the long years of success ful experience, the trade secrets and techniques of America's most fam ous artists. You learn the short-cuts and the special ways each of us has de vised to work out creative problems. And your completed assignments are constructively criticized by a method which we sincerely believe is the most personal and effective ever developed. Our original course in Commercial Art and Illustration proved so effective that two equally great courses - one in fine arts painting and another in pro fessional cartooning - have since been created. All three courses follow the sound principle that is the cornerstone of the Famous Artists Schools: It takes suc cess to teach success. FreeComplete Information On The Three Famous Artiata Couraea There are very few artists who could not profit from one or another of the Famous Artists courses. If you're am bitious and want to increase your earning power, you'll want to know more about our Commercial Art Illustration course or our course in professional cartooning. Perhaps you've already made your mark and now want to master the techniques of fine arts painting for your leisure and your retirement years. But even if you have no interest in further training for yourself, your ad vice on how to become a successful artist is probably asked by others from time to time. Surely you know some talented person an assistant or a friend - who might someday become a brilliant performer with the proper professional training. The best advice you can give these promising young hopefuls is to sug gest that they write the Famous Art ists Schools for information about any of the three art courses offered. Actual ly, more than one out of five Famous Artists Schools' students Were already professionals at the time they enrolled many of them recommended to us by leading artists and art executives. For information, simply address the Famous Artists Schools, Studio 830, Westport, Conn. There's no obliga tion, of course. Virgil Partch Gumey Williams Hatty Haenigsen Whitney Danow, Jr. 317

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 331