r. T ES .excellent CBS Radio documentary... CMJÏÏ HUB! olden Horse! K\nïTTr KinWTr ...an impressive document&ry-in-sonnd so im pressive, in fact, that CBS rushed to rebroadcast this week the suspenseful full-hour reconstruc tion of how Columbia Lecturer Jesus de Qalindez, a Basque, was kidnaped from Manhattan .A distinguished piece of journalism, the finest radio program of its ...a fascinating and at times, terrifying documentary...radio journalism of uncommon merit. EXCITING AS AN ALFRED HITCHCOCK MOVIE- RADIO AT ITS BEST... An expertly assembled radio documentary... an intriguing hour of radio... ...a tightly knit program chock full of information with tha ovarali impact of a aladgahammar.the network datarvea immense credit for laying out tha entire story in all its de tails and with all Its "it can happen hare" impact. THE GALINDEZ- MURPHY BROADCAST ...A RADIO EVENT THAT SHOULD TAKE VIEWERS AWAY FROM TV SETS... The Galindez-Murphy documentary ...demonstrated the unique ability of radio to present timely provocative content. Its total impact provided an arresting broadcast. ..BOMBSHELL... ...CBS Radio presented a dramatic combination of evidence that built an even stronger case. ...RESOUNDING HIT.. "By popular demand" is a loosely used term in broadcasting, but it actually applies to the rebroadcast of Ed Murrow's one-hour CBS Radio documentary... The Galindez-Murphy Case: A Chronicle of Terror. ...MOVED ONCE AGAIN THAT RADIO HAS AH UNMATCHED IMMEDIACY, A CAPABILITY OF TRANSMITTING THE DRAMATIC UNADORNED BY FRILLS AND HOKUM. ...brilliant documentary broadcast... Few listeners will forget that voice of Murphy's fiancee, Sally Cairo... If you arc in network radio and yon should he, there's only one place for real injluei CHS liodio el work rWSITIVXLY THE LAST 3 DATS W Ctat rum HÏHT HUT! ptVIHfi HCTWit V Hoyelty and Grandeur Award of Distinctive Merit—Designer, Art Director-Artist Arnold Varga Advertiser Cox's Inc. Designers Ken Parkhurst, Jack Ellenberger Art Director Ken Park- hurst Artist Jack Ellenberger Advertising Agency Stromberger, La- Vene McKenzie, Adv. Advertiser General Petroleum Corp. Designer, Art Director Louis Dorfsman Artist Joseph Schindelman Advertiser CBS-Radio Designer, Art Director Peter R. Palazzo Photographer Robert Mot- tar Advertiser I. Miller Sons, Inc. Designer Karmen Edwards Art Director Ann Peale Artist Jim Howard Publisher Dallas Morning News Advertiser Neiman- Marcus

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 35