3 23 TELEVISION: A sponsor using today's most popular advertising medium reaches an average of 7.9 MILLION families in the average nighttime minute." And. depending on the program buy, the sponsor's commercial message allowance generally ranges from two to six minutes. RADIO: A sponsor using the CBS Radio Network IMPACT plan complements and insures television's effectiveness. He reaches a net of 8.3 MILLION families and he delivers over three minutes of commercial messages per family at the most efficient costs in all advertising. kJ ON THE CBS RADIO NETWORK To like our new \lillerkinx. 1 liye in u particular place or like elastics as well as rurrri In fad. Millerkins ure far i - full of excitement ami lhe\ young I tulle - tine of agi them s i'i I ollerlion whirll lies lie with ilie shoestring price! him, ace In be a cerium t ype, special age. •s over the latest word, .bul if you r Millerkins are fine and fresh and as ihis Septemberhut they're also ■ry sure of itself. ome in and see iere sky's-lhe-limit fashion always More fashion per fool in the freshest young •.hoeing in town! More deliriously slim shoes for tlo- big glad plaid», the little on-sad sack «lil» ami mad. flappery fins of thia bubbly new season More new-personality Millerkins. skylarking Millies and elegant Ingenues than ever. All in I. Miller'» 450 Colleetion where sky's-the-limil fashion always tie» up with the shoestring price! 30

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 36