Cop TRADE PERIODICAL ADS, FULL PAGE OR MORE, 2 OR MORE COLORS Award of Distinctive Merit—Designer, Art Director Izz Liebowitz Photographer Peter James Samerjan Advertising Agency Ander- son-McConnell Advertising, Inc. Advertiser Anderson-McConnell Advertising, Inc. Designer Tom Kamifuji Art Directors Vern Leibbrandt, Tom Kami- fuji Artist Tom Kamifuji Advertising Agency Young Rubicam, Inc. Advertiser Kaiser Aluminum Chemical Sales, Inc. Designer J. Carlos Colevatti Art Director James Ferres Artist J. Carlos Colevatti Advertising Agency MacLaren Advertising Co. Ltd. Advertiser Art Directors Club of Toronto Designers Rudi Wolff, Alice Katz Art Director Rudi Wolff Artist Rob ert Blechman Advertising Agency William Douglas McAdams, Inc. Advertiser The Upjohn Company Petonic* an exceptionally palatable supplement and reconstructive tonic for tlogs and cats Petonic contains necessary vitamins, minerals and protein Petonic available in convenient 4 oz. and 1 lb. jars |M®h" 39

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 45