'FIZER1 Designer, Art Director G. R. Vidmer Artist Monogram Studio vertising Agency MacManus, John Adams, Inc. Advertiser! Pfizer Co. Designers William Golden, Kurt Weihs Art Director William d Photographer CBS Photo Advertiser CBS-Television I jjj; Designer, Art Director Arnold Varga Advertising Agency Ketc MacLeod Grove, Inc. Advertiser Rubbermaid, Inc. fc" 10 Flushir Designer, Art Director Ralph B. Rofheart Artist Milton Glasf;"^ vertising Agency Ehrlich, Neuwirth Sobo, Inc. Advertiser R ton Knitting Mills, Inc. This season's premiere broadcasts of "Studio One" and "Playhouse 90" commanded larger audiences than on their "opening nights" last Fall. Each of these programs was watched by at least 50 per cent more viewers than the competing programs on any other network. These early returns are an exciting indication of the continuing vitality of television, which each year wins a larger, more enthusiastic audience. They also suggest that the new television season has exploded witi the greatest impact in its history ...on THE CBS TELEVISION NETWORK

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 50