EB ED The Dark Ages of Man live light with fabrics by PRINCETON ?FIZERIDDLES - udioi ser m g| even-textured, smooth-molting prooess cheeses? The secret is in the emulsifier, and cheese makers obtain excellent results when they emulsify w ith i Pfizer Sodium Citrate. How to speed production of paint resins? Alkyd resin manufacturers find nontoxic K GtC Pfi2er Fumaric Acid is «"«"y to handleand a small amount accelerates resin cooking, j you have a problem which might be solved by a high quality organic chemical, think Pfizer Contact Dept WP, Chas. Pfizer Co., Inc., Chemical Sales Division. 10 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn 6, N. Y. 13 "f Division are. inc. TARTARIC OXALIC ACIDS AND SALTS ASCORBIC ACID - CAFFEINE VITAMINS er R sell» more than 100 organic chemical» for food, medicinal and industrial u»e». ANTIBIOTICS Pt A STIC IT£ I 7X$/ft can bring department stores SEVEN times fe sales per counter foot! About *385 compared to average i *53! "Based on latest M.O.R. figures on sales from counter pace area in the housewares departments of 33 typical apartment stores, the wooster rubber company, wooster, oiuo !W d witi ory fORK on Meet the stealthy duck hunter, 1900 style. If he's lucky, a near-sighted duck or two may fail to notice his rotund shape amongst the reeds. Actually, the poor man is not that stout. Strip off his three-inch thick hunting coat, his sweaters and his longjohns and you might find a rather athletic figure under all that bulk. The man of today keeps himself thin, too. And you can admire the shape he's in, even when he wears his warmest clothing. Thanks to Princeton Mills' light, hulk-free fabrics for men's outerwear, even the coziest suburban coat is trim, slim and flattering. P.S. If that description doesn't fit your outerwear, better drop in at the Princeton showroom before the Fall '58 season starts. 45

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 51