P P EE Designer, Art Director Herb Lubalin Advertising Agency Sudler and Hennessey, Inc. Advertiser Sudler and Hennessey, Inc. Designer, Art Director Harry Gordon Photographer Becker-Horo witz Publisher Street Smith Publications, Inc. Publication Charm Magazine-Promotion Designer, Art Director Leo Lionni Artist Leo Lionni Advertising Agency Geyer Advertising, Inc. Advertiser Olivetti Corp. of America TRADE PERIODICAL ADS, LESS THAN FULL PAGE, COLOR OR BLACK AND WHITE Award of Distinctive Merit—Designer, Art Director Gene Federico Photographer Lester Bookbinder Advertising Agency Douglas D. Simon Adv., Inc. Advertiser Mandei Mfg. Co. of St. Louis Designer, Art Director Henry Eastland Photographer Tony Pappas Advertising Agency Benton Bowles, Inc. Advertiser Pepperell Mfg. Co. Specify the denims with proven performance of popular weight* Top I'eppertU quality Vat-dyed colorIRiPlSi Sanforized' PEPPERELL- 47

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 53