JÊÊÊ I m Treat both the physiologic and psychologic aspects of peptic ulcer with Pamine- Phenobarbital TABLETS AND ELIXIR Many ulcer patients find that a low daytime dosage of Pamine-Phenobarbital j Controls acid for 24 hours Reduces gastrointestinal hypermotility Permits uninterrupted sleep at night Relieves tension Supplied: Famine- Phenobarbitol Tablet», containing methtcopolomine bromide, 2.5 mg., and phenobarbitol, Ï5 mg, OA gr.). In bottle» of 100 and 500. Uluol adult dotage I tablet '/2-Hour before meal» ond 1 or 2 at bedtime. Half-Strength Tablet», containing meth»copolomlne bromide, 1.25 mg., ond phenobarbitol, 8 mg. (Ve gr.}. In bottle» of 100. Utual adult dosage: 2 tablet» Vj-hour before meal» and 2 to t« four ti Famine-Phenol containing 1.25 mg. met phenobarbitol per 5 cc loily). scopolamine I mg. (W gr.) I adult dosage: 2 teatpoonfuli four time» doily Archimedes c. 287-212 B. C. dramatic antihypertensive action Nictitating membrane of the dog, before and 8 hour.8 after mg. kg. Eeolid, shows dramatic ganglionic blocking action. In clinical medicine, this newerlonger acting ganglionic blocker has reversed the course of severe hypertension in many patientsprolonging their tires. Please become completely familiar with Evoiiti chloride (chtorisondamine chloride CJBA) be fore using it. ('omj)Iete literature available from Medical Service Division('ISA, Summit, X.J. In my R D work, to save time and save trouble, I oet 'em posthaste Pronto. On the double'.' BF.CKMANBREADBOARD PAR I S For the standard parts to breadboard your system, Scud for cataloo 15C, where we show 'em and list 'em. Beekman Helipot, ration, Newport Ik.iih, Calif. 11 1 iistrti.'iK'Lits, Inc. natives in principal cities. 48

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