m YOU'RE OFF ROCKER! AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF INDUSTRIAL NURSES JOURNAL £L! LookI didn't arrive yesterday. I can tell top-quality Bolivia by touch. This Schuster Bolivia should be twice the price! Look at the deep pile...the rich luster, and feel that velvety softness. Those aren't ordinary colors, either. That's the kind of Bolivia top houses pay fancy prices for. How does Schuster get off selling it that lowSure, I know all about the^v Schuster^ mills... they've been in business since 1869. You mean they really have^^j^ Bolivia at such a value? Hand me that phone I'm calling up LO 5"3535 t0 P'ace ™y °rder before those people at Schuster change their price. SCHUSTER WOOLENS is published for all those engaged in the growing field of medical services in industry. Its contents reflect the specific educational and informational needs of both the service and its practitioners on the job and in the community. Subscription S5.50 per year...sample copy available on request to...AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF INDUSTRIAL NURSES, INC. 170 K. 61 st Street, New York 21N. Y. Designer, Art Director Rudi Wolff Photographer Bill Hughes Adver tising Agency Wm. Douglas McAdams, Inc. Advertiser The Upjohn Company Designer, Art Director Lawrence Gaynor Publisher American Asso ciation of Industrial Nurses Publication American Association of Industrial Nurses Journal Designer Ray Aron Art Directors James K. Fogleman, Ray Aron Advertising Agency Sudler and Hennessey, Inc. Advertiser Ciba Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. Designer Lou Frimkess Art Director Advertising Designers Co. Art ist Ed Kysar Advertising Agency Charles Bowes Advertising, Inc. Advertiser Helipot Corporation Designer, Art Director Yudel Kyler Photographer Dan Wynn Adver tising Agency Dowd, Redfield Johnstone Inc. Advertiser Schuster Woolens, Inc. 112 West 34 th Street, New York 49

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 55