102 Ever since a was a stone and a was a ban ALL I BUTTONED UP! »«E! BOOKLET, DIRECT MAIL, 2 COLORS OR BLACK AND WHITE |f*JJ Designers John Graham, Rick Levine Art Director John Graham Photographers, Artists Magnum Photos, Ewing Galloway, Bett- mann Archives, Edita Sherman, Philippe Halsman, Wide World Photos, NBC Press Dept. Advertiser NBC-Television BOOKLET, DIRECT MAIL, LESS THAN 12 PAGES, nPR 3 OR MORE COLORS Ulti Award of Distinctive Merit—Designers Herb Lubalin Bebe Ger- shenzon Art Directors Herb Lubalin, David Dewhurst Artist Bebe Gershenzon Photographer Irv Bahrt Advertising Agency Sudler and Hennessey, Inc. Advertiser N. Y. Life Insurance Co. Designer Herb Lubalin Art Directors Herb Lubalin, Martin Weisman Artist Gerry Gersten Advertising Agency Sudler and Hennessey, Inc. Advertiser RCA-Tube Division nrar Designer, Art Director Richard Cummings Artist Roy McKie Pub lisher Time Magazine 55

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 61