F DAN MILLSTEIN WENT TO DAN If ll%l mi rrn ai PARIS As a matter of fact, goes there frequently, to gather the most exciting designing ideas Paris can offer. The impressive six-page series before you is the result of one of his trips. The thousands of women who buy September's Harper's Bazaar will see it. Why not profit from the go-getting results of Mr. Millstein's travels' Have your store name listed in the magazine with our future promotions as carrying Dan Millstein creations. Receive a complete merchandising kit-in other words, htgh-fash- loned sales-packed local promotion for your store. Come aboard, NOW, for the remarkable national magazine section coming up next season. Write us to reserve this confined promotion for your city. Designer, Art Director George E. Rumsey Artist Tim Rumsey Adver tising Agency Campbeli-Mithun, Inc. Advertiser Minneapolis Sym- i phony Orchestra PlPlfl Designer, Art Director Joseph Nissen Photographer William Hel- j burn Advertising Agency Altman-Stoller Advertiser Dan Millstein Incorporated EBB Designer Herb Lubalin Art Directors Herb Lubalin, Charles Walz, Jr. Artist Bebe Gershenzon Advertising Agency Sudler and Hen nessey, Inc. Advertiser Abbott Laboratories EKE Designer, Art Director Peter R. Palazzo Artist Andy Warhol Adver tiser I. Miller Sons, Inc. Designer, Art Director Louis Dorfsman Photographer Raymond Jacobs Advertiser CBS-Radio

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 65