D WELGO E tt Kj .quiet pnvaie nuuï>e. juigiu cuuKing lacm- ties. Bath room little used. Telephone. Near Under ground. £3 15s.—Wes. 0664. ANYONE possessing information about the case of Rees Mathry, an innocent man convicted of murder, please contact Paul Mathry at 611 River Street. I STRESSED GENTLEFOLK'S AID ASSO CIATION appeals for widow of professional UTICA-MOHAVifk PLANT TOUR clemson.s.c. October 15.57 i ll mqn aof»H 11 livintr o1r\riP frortnrpcl c r> tniH DU PONT SHOW OF THE MONTH PRESENTS A. J.CRONIN'S MYSTERY "BEYOND THIS PLACE" STARRING FARLEY GRANGER, BRIAN DONLEVY, PEGGY ANN GARNER, HURD HATFIELD AND SPECIAL GUEST STAR SHELLEY WINTERS. LIVE ON CBS TELEVISION NOV. 25,1957, 9:30-11 PM, CNYT SPONSORED BY E.I.DU PONT DE NEMOURS COMPANY

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 84