MANDdKHIKOUO VI51TE7 LE MANTETJOU" a s1 gndc y u Drop everything Come to this Winter t=z> TERRE D tllER El DE DEMAIN Nursing the fire Grumbling at the cold Touchy? Grouchy? Feel you're getting old? Surely you can afford a fortnight of enchantment PARTEZ LE PAYS DE VOTRE REVE EST AU BOUT DE VOTRE NUIT Affiche de Roland Hugon. Éditions Paul Martial. Fonds bleu et noir. Rails bleus, reflets rouge orange. Partez P. L. M. en jaune. Cöte d'Azur en réserve blanche. ITALY Travelling to-day in Italy is so inexpensive! TRAVELLER'S LETTERS of CREDIT can be obtained at any leading bank or tourist agency at the advantageous rate of Ure 100 for i. HOTEL AND PETROL COUPONS offer a considerable saving, and remember there are S0-70°/oREDUCTIONSonRailwayFares Do you knov about Italy's sunny ski fields in the Dolomites So close to Paradise, skiers often think they've been there Long svift runs and beginncrs'slopes at Scstrières,Cortina d'Ampezxo, Merano... And from the peaks of the Italian Alps to the domes of Venice, from the spires of Milan to the Forum of Rome, sunshine covers the country like a cloth of goldIt makes ginter livable, lovable Come and see For information EN IT, 3 8 Picadilly, London S. W. I.ENIT, Park. Circus, 14, Glasgow; Istituto Nayonale per i Cambi con I'Estero, Piaiya di Spagna, 1 j, Rome, and all tourist agencies Composition de Frédéric. Page d'annonce réalisée pour I'Enit par l'agence Dorland. Couverture d'un dépliant par L. Bernique. Projet d'affiche de P. Zenobel.

Arts et Metiers Graphiques fr | 1937 | | page 71