THE GERMAN BOOKCRAFT ASSOCIATION (DEUTSCHER BUCH- GEWERBEVEREIN) founded at Leipzig in 1884, has in view to promote, especially in respect to art and technics, all the different branches of Book Industry. All those trades, which are directly or indirectly connected with the production of books, their printing publishing and circulation, have been united here for the purpose of mutual suggestion and promotion. Not only Printers and Publishers, but also Type Founders, Bookbinders, Electrotypers, Lithographers, Woodcutters, Manufacturers of paper, of inks, of machines for the Book Industry, Artists and Booklovers are members of the Association, which extends its work, radiating from the fatherland of printing art all over the civilized world. As a centre and basis for all these endeavours, a magnificent building (Deutsches Buchgewerbehaus) has been erected in Leipzig, the cost of which amounted to I million Marks. Beside periodic exhibitions of books, prints, machines, etc. there are preserved the collections of the Association, which, combined with the "Royal Saxon Bibliographical Collection" in the "German Bookcraft Museum" contain every thing of special value for the artistic, technic and graphic development of a book. A copious library, with large reading and drawing halls is held at the disposal of visitors and the splendid "Gutenberg Hall" with its marble monuments and decorative paintings is dedicated to the memory of the great inventor and other famous men in the book industry of all nations. In addition, however, to the permanent exhibitions in its own buildings, the "German Bookcraft Association" furthers the interests of the industry by instituting large and small travelling exhibitions of various branches of the graphic arts and crafts, and it publishes an independent monthly review, the "Archiv fur Buchge- werbe", which contains detailed and lucid accounts of all technical and art occurrences in the book industry, and numerous exemplary samples of printing and graphic art. Every member of the Association is entitled to receive the "Archiv" free of charge; the amount of membership is 5, including the postage for the U. S. Furthermore the Bookcraft Association aims at establishing a cooperative participation of the German Book Industry in special exhibitions in Germany and other countries, and also in international expositions. In 1893 it was commissioned by the German Government to organize and arrange a collective exhibition of the German Book Industry at the Chicago World's Fair, in 1897 it organized the book trade section of the Saxon Thuringian Industrial Exposition, and in 1900 it was entrusted by the Imperial Commis sioner with the management of the book trade group of the German Department at the World's Fair in Paris. It may be regarded as a special mark of confidence in the Ger man Bookcraft Association, that it has not only been officially requested to manage the department devoted to the book industry in the St. Louis Exposition of 1904, but also to take charge of the photographic department there. The following judgment of one of the best known American writers on graphic art, Mr. George French of Boston, may prove how the Association has fulfilled its task in St. Louis. Many good and friendly relations have been opened at this occasion between the representatives of our Association and the American Book Industry. We hope that these relations will continue and increase ever and ever, and that the mutual exchange of ideas and suggestions will turn in all future to the profit of Book Industry in both allied and powerful countries, America and Germany.

Archiv für Buchgewerbe und Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1904 | | page 44