outlined these tendencies in a most satisfactory manner. The International Jury, led by Mr. Walter Herdeg of Switzerland and Professor Erberto Carboni of Italy, awarded nine prizes and medals, as well as ten honourable mentions, in three sub ject-groups: social subjects, cultural events, and advertising. The organizers put forward the idea that a retrospective exhibition and a symposium should take place simultaneously, as part of the Inter national Biennale. The 1966 Biennale was accompanied by a retro spective exhibition of Polish posters from 1892 to 1963, entitled "From the Young Poland Period to the Present Day", organized by the Warsaw National Museum. The posters shown at this exhibition represen ted a specific illustrated chronicle of life in Poland over the past seventy years and an interesting document of the achievements of bygone gene rations in various fields, clearly indicating that the Polish poster of today is backed by a fine artistic tradition. The International Symposium, the subject of which was "The Image in an Urban Environment" Walter Herdeg i Erberto Carboni (przewodnicz^cy i wiceprzewodnicz^cy jury) Walter Herdeg and Erberto Carboni (chairman and vice-chairman of the Jury).

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