imu na ite- od- DW. ïsie ym wa. nia atu atu Obrady jury Jury Sitting was an opportunity for an exchange of ideas between people dealing with various aspects of the poster: artistic creation, sociology, theory of information and mass visual communication. The papers presented, and the subsequent discussions, were not only an exchange of ideas between the participants, but also helped the propagation of exploratory thought in the sphere of visual communication. This was therefore a con frontation between the conclusions reached by science and the intuitive inventiveness of con temporary art. Was it no more than a confron tation? Perhaps something more: an introduction to a discussion on the great synthesis. In time, the International Poster Biennales, with the simultaneous retrospective exhibitions and symposia, should offer world graphic art yet another valuable acquisition: the setting up of an international documentation centre, which would comprise a great collection of posters and scientific publications connected with that field of visual communication. The initiative of organizing the Poster Biennale in Warsaw arose within the Polish artistic milieu, and met with full understanding and support from the State. The First International Poster Biennale in Warsaw had no commercial aims in view, serving solely to extend international cooperation in the applied graphic arts; It was an excellent occasion for acquainting oneself with world achievements in this sphere, with the different characteristics in the art of different countries' art, with young talented artists hitherto unfamiliar to a wider public. Present-day science is an example of the ever- -greater integration of problems and disciplines in the world. Art also has a quality of integration in the sense of reciprocal influences, and cross- -currents of styles and movements. International cooperation in this field creates one more tremendously important opportunity to bring people, countries and societies closer together. The creation of a new platform for communica tion the International Poster Biennale in Warsaw is to the credit of its patron the Polish People's Republic. jÓZEF MROSZCZAK

Biennale Plakatu Warszawa | 1966 | | page 17