Nagroda Polskiej Izby Handlu Zagranicznego za plakat z dziedziny handlu zagranicznego 10.000 zt CROSBY I FLETCHER FORBES GILL, Wielka Brytania Tydzieri Brytyjski w Mediolanie Nagroda Redakcji dziennika „Zycie Warszawy" za wybitny plakat kulturalno-artystyczny 10.000 zt HANS ERNI, Szwajcaria Cyrk „Knie" From the Chairman of the Workers' Publishing Cooperative "Prasa", for an avant-garde poster 20,000 zlotys JULIAN PAtKA, Poland Our Twentieth Century From the Ministry of Internal Trade, for an ad vertising poster 15,000 zlotys GIANCARLO ILIPRANDI, Italy Knitwear Advertisement From the Minister of Light Industry, for a poster connected with that industry 15,000 zlotys PETER DOEBELE/GERARD WERNARS, Holland Autumn Fashion Collection From the Council for the Protection of Monu ments to Struggle and Martyrdom, for a poster to the memory of those who died in the fight against the Nazi invader 10,000 zlotys JUOZAS GALKUS, Soviet Union To the Memory of 119 Inhabitants of Pirciupis Village, Murdered by the Fascists From the Graphic Art Publishers WAG, for a poster on a social theme 10,000 zlotys YUSAKU KAMEKURA, Japan Tokyo Olympic Games 1964 From the Council for Industrial Design and Taste ful Production, for a poster on industrial design 10,000 zlotys ALMIR MAVIGNIER Brazil "De Stijl" Exhibition From the Culture Section of the Warsaw People's Council, for a poster advertising a theatrical production or a musical event 10,000 zlotys ROMAN CIESLEWICZ Poland Poster advertising the Stage Version of Kafka's "The Trial" From the Central Office of Art Studios for an advertising poster 5,000 zlotys FRANCO GRIGNANI, Italy "Alfieri and Lacroix" From the Directors of the Polish Airlines LOT, for a poster advertising air travel or tourism a free ticket on one of LOT European lines MAGDA ARDELEANU, Rumania Visit Rumania Land of Legend and Folklore! From the Polish Travel Office ORBIS, for a poster advertising travel and tourism 3,000 zlotys ROGER EXCOFFON, France Air France Caravelle From the Polish Chamber of Foreign Trade, for a poster connected with foreign trade 10,000 zlotys CROSBY/FLETCHER/FORBES/GILL, Great Britain British Week in Milan From the Editors of the Warsaw Daily "Zycie Warszawy", for an outstanding cultural-artistic poster 10,000 zlotys HANS ERNI, Switzerland "Knie" Circus

Biennale Plakatu Warszawa | 1966 | | page 23