POSTER-DESIGNS WANTED A Prize of £75 for the best accepted design and a Prize of £25 for the design placed second. COUPON SubjectA design, drawn to quarter scale, for a 16 - sheet poster (120 inches by 80 inches) in not more than six colours, advertising BROWN POLSON'S Patent Corn Flour. Closing Date: March 31st, 1929. CONDITIONS. HINTS TO COMPETITORS. VIII 1. The Managing Director of Brown on the back, must reach Brown Poison, Poison, Limited, the prize givers, shall be Limited, 44, Shoe Lane, London, E.C.4, the sole judge of the designs in every on or before the 31st March, 1929. detail, and his decision shall be final and Any designs received after that date or binding on all competitors. not accompanied by the Coupon, duly 2. Designs 30 in. by 20 in., whether on completed, will be disqualified. paper or otherwise, must be submitted 6. The names of the winners will be flat. Rolled designs will be disqualified announced in this publication in due and will not be opened, and Brown course. Poison, Limited, will accept no respon- 7, The two winning designs and the copy- sibility for them. right therein shall become the property of 3. Designs must contain all intended word- Brown Poison, Limited, and the two ing, and be sufficiently advanced in winning competitors shall assign the finish to be handed direct to a litho- copyright and all their interest in the grapher without further treatmentbut designs to Brown Poison, Limited, competitors unskilled in lettering are when required. permitted to draw rough wording on g Unsuccessful designs will be returned, on tracing paper, laid over the design. the request of the competitor. 4. All designs submitted shall be at com- 9 The decision of the M Director pernors sole risk m every respect. of Brown Polson> Li®it(fd; on all 5. All designs, which must be accom- matters whatsoever relating to this com- panied by the annexed Coupon, duly petition shall be absolutely final and completed by the competitor and pasted legally binding on all competitors. Candidates should study current advertisements of Brown Poison's Patent Corn Flour in the Press and acquaint themselves with its character and uses. Brown Poison's Patent Corn Flour can be obtained of any grocer or at the stores. It is important to remember that a successful Corn Flour poster must, by its wording and design, interest and impress housewives and cooksand that all posters, whatever their subject, must be treated broadly and boldly. An effective Poster should convey at a glance an intelligible and convincing impression. I agree to abide by and be bound by the conditions governing this competition and jr to accept as final and legally binding the decision of the Managing Director of Brown Poison, Limited, in all matters relating Address thereto. I enter on this understanding and my personal signature is appended hereto.

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