Pure Silk NESE cHosiery A CHARM IN FASHION ADVERTISING A WOMAN'S VIEW OF BRITISH CELANESE THE Celanese advertising campaign to my mind is one of the most entertain ing schemes yet put forward to the feminine world. Here are some delightful products, with advertising which tells you what you want to know, what they have to sell, andin the case of fabricshow the material looks at the completed stage. All Celanese advertising has readable copy, clever lay-out, and clear type which recom- mends perusal. I have always had a great admiration for Celanese products, but the illustrations on page 43 make me keener than ever on Celanese Fabrics. These illustrations, in my opinion, far outshine the rest. Of course it is obvious they were made for reproduction in high-class n>aga- zines, and therefore no pains have been spared in their preparation. They have the luxury suggestionwhich always ^V^oooS> j When y u choose 'ook for the 'Celanese' 'Brand Mark, plainly stamped on all Celanesehosiery. Section of a Press Advertisement. Designed by Osborne Royds and Co., Ltd. Vol. VI. No. 32.February, 1929 4i

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1929 | | page 11