I I I %M ixpjre I ^41 f5 warmth wl K wei WAR.M ytT IrXQJU I S I T E- BRITISH CELANESE L-. CELANESE HOUSE, HANOVER SQ.W Press Advertisement produced by Osborne Royds and Company, Limited TRADE MARX A Gu ARAN TEED UNSHRINKABLE Celanese Wool Mixture is so fine and soft that a garment weighing only a few ounces will protect you from the bit terest weather, comfort you all the winter through. For beauty, only the costliest silk-and-wool mixture can com pare with Celanese for wear and washing nothing is its equal. Made from the finest wool, reinforced with the soft strength of Celanese yarn, these dainty garments will wash and wear splendidly without shrinking, losing nothing of their lovely caressing softness through the hardest wear. W M l. Sole Manufacturers

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1929 | | page 12