A Successful Art Policy SL THE AUSTIN REED MALEWAY By \Y1). II. McCullough, M.A. Advertising Manager Austin Reed, Lid. A SHOP may aim to sell plain and inexpensive goods quickly and cheer fully, or it may elect to sell exclusive and expensive ones in a highly rarified atmo sphere. It may even make blood-thirsty efforts to combine these plans on alternate weeks if the business is not well known. However, once a firm adopts a trading policy and publishes the details, then that policy is fixed. Over long periods it can be modified and improved, but to make any radical changes becomes exceedingly expensive and dangerous. The advertising policy of a concern is of course the public declaration and codification of its trading policy. The ideal advertising policy describes and explains to the public every detail of a trading policyshowing exactly how it has been designed to serve a certain section of the public in a certain way. LONDON'S INNER CIRCLE FOR MEN Austin Reed's of Regent Street, London. By Fred Taylor, R.I. POULTRY ART H_E BANK ST MARY AXE EAR THE BALTIC OXFORD ST OPPOSITE FRASCATIS CH EAPSIDE EAR ST PAULS RECENT THE CORNER OF THE QUADRANT KINGSWAY opposiTt ASusH mouse WALBROOK OPPOSITE CANNON ST STATION COVENTRY ST OPPOSITE THE CORNER HOUSE STRAND NEAR THE LAW COURTS 11 FENCHURCH ST CORNER OF PHILPOT LANE B w VICTORIA ST. THREE MINUTES FROM VICTORIA 02 STATIONS FOR HOSIERY LINES CHANCE HERE FOR NEW TAILORING H HAT TERMINUS jjj CHANCE HERE FOR BARBERS SHOPS An amusing effort to capitalise on the Underground route maps. This car card did not pass the censor.

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