m AUSTIN REED'S '/te The best way to solve the "what shall I give him for Christmas" problem is to visit Austin Reed's. It is a shop of a hundred inspirations. There are people there who can give expert advice. If a present is not right in every way, we are only too delighted to change it for something which is a different shade, a different size- or if desired for a different article altogether—in any Austin Reed shop, anywhere. J V °S REGENT STREET 1, LORD STREET ST. GEORGE'S CRESCENT LIVERPOOL 56 An experimental Christmas poster used in Liverpool STREET Station Gardens nation Cdrttofi i'h. <11.t~- Pall Moor Holds EXl JIANGL STATION HuhanAo St Old Heill Strooi c. m ZB Ix»£

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1929 | | page 26