Going BACK? Going OUT? exceedingly forceful and effective. Various advertisements are reproduced to illus trate these methods of artistic expression. At any rate, in whatever class the art work is being used, it is the Austin Reed policy only to use the best obtainable. The question put to the artist is, how good and how effective, not how cheap and how quick. Probably the height of superb sim plicity in modern men's wear art work is attained in the Underground Posters by Tom Purvis. These are specially designed for artificial light and form an almost perfect expression of the fundamentals of the artistic policy of the firm. They are true, simple, sincere, arresting and charming. The same motif runs through the Sales Literature. In each case the colour scheme, the art work, the paper, the type and the layout have been co-ordinated into a design to harmonise in atmosphere and style with the advertising in general, and in particular with the class of goods described. Finally, of course, the success of any policy is judged by results. According to this test the Austin Reed Art policy has been fully justified. AUSTIN REED'S AUSTIN REED'S AUSTIN REED'S 58 of HhCKNT STHEET I I IIN I.O.N DO N SHOPS l\*prtii Sirvi'i, I tut Ion. U.I. HI.CINT SI III I. r If you uro uoius abrua.l for .I,.- fir,, timo. our Tr..|.i.lll Kit l),'|,ai„,11 |,oIj, you Iom Io. I cxu.-lly wlial you iio. il for rv. ry lro|>iral trui- S |K-raluri- uiul .H. ii|nilioli. an.) m-II vuu only 5 Ifarr noln. Irtok.'' you »,l| f.u.t ||,i. |j your'!!!!" 1,1 |'.!,V'.O,,"a^in." V II!,' will I I.In- riu|.l thiii"*. You'«ill ||1 l.u.l il i, in i'liiir»o of nu I1IK TROPICA I. KIT DKI' HT.MK NT is on mi; in hi i limit i KfZCHNT STIUIi'f Eastern atmosphere of tropical department advertisement in contrast to modernist and sophisticated motif of evening dress

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