Striking, colourful, and at the same time masculine-looking booklets produced by Austin Reed, Ltd., and an excellent photographic suggestion of style from their Hat book bio ire i)»., zov a uil if». In ibe teirurc of the fur, the quality of ilic trimmings and the uquisne ptrfmionof detail in the manufacture, there it ton tie eviduice of the careful co opt union herween our dciiyocit and the tnon «pert of British trainmen. In pinicuhr we Tilt queilion of quality »od value for money W w) important ihai we ittvided lei roncentiaie on three mam prices J'i«l epa'e "c d'oll to ptuduix i hu m cicli of these prirri lint would jtjnd ui t dill by Mself- The priuct we derided on In the toe of loll »nJ tuff felt

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1929 | | page 31