- It has told the world that men can get wcll-cut, good-looking clothes, correct in style and reliable in workmanship, at fair prices, at Austin Reed's. It has explained in a pleasant way that Austin Reed stand behind every tran saction and undertake to give the customer complete satisfaction. It has told this story in a simple and artistic way. And judging by the fact that the firm has just taken over an adjoining building in Regent Street, it would appear to be fairly successful. Vfnm> An experiment that is attracting a good deal of interest. The photograph is an attempt to reproduce the impression that might be left in the mind of a visitor to the Lower Ground Floor at Austin Reed's Regent Street shop. This panel is carried on many of London's underground trains A Colour Page used with con siderable success in Punch The goods are made to look interesting by decorative arrange ment \VIMI\RI EDS

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1929 | | page 33