MODERN DISPLAY AT LEIPZIG A review of the great Schaufensterschau THE shop-window display held in October and November by the Leipzig Kunstgewerbemuseum in associa tion with the Bund der Schaufenster- dekorateure Deutschlands, the Höhere Fachsc.hule für Dekorationskunst (Schule Reimann) of Berlin, and the Leipzig Akademie für graphische Künste und Buchgewerbe was undertaken with the end in view of showing what the present- day display artists are capable of producing. The tendency to look upon shop- window dressing as an artistic problem is not a new one in Germany. For the past twenty-five years the large stores in the big towns have had the advice of capable artists in placing before the eyes of the public something beautiful and unique. In fact, Frau von Stephani-Hahn who still practises to-day with success, was already known in Berlin at that time. Artistic appearance, so far as shop-window dress ing is concerned, consiststhe exhibition made this clearin the lucid arrangement of the goods to be displayed and in the tasteful apportionment of their colours, to obtain a pleasing general effect. Although interest in the exhibition was not as great as had been hoped, it con tained happily, a considerable number of convincing examples. Extraordinarily DIE NADEL GIBT DEN TON DIE NADEL GIBT DEN TON DIE NADEL GIBT DEN TON DIE BESTE NADEL DEN BESTEN TON DIE BESTE NADEL DEN BESTEN TON FÜRSTEN BURCHAR FÜRSTEN RCHARD FÜRSTEN 64 KAUFT FUR5TEN-E BURCHA ÜS3gags &9&PL*5£2j?ï" JS A display of gramophone needles for Fiirsten and Burchard. Decoration by Jos. Albers, Dessau. The disc in the centre is rotating

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1929 | | page 34