ART IN COMMERCE HAYCOCK PRESS COMMERCIAL ART EXPOSITION BUSH HOUSE Vol. VI No. 32 CONTENTS SUPPLEMENTS PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT AN BY THE LIMITED LONDON - - W.C.2 FEB. 25 MARCH 9 x929 PRINTERS BY EVERY MODERN PROCESS FEBRUARY 1929 Telephone Gerrard 3267-8 Telegrams Rhombic by Margery Thompson Charm in Fashion Advertising A Woman's View of British Celanese New Display Ideas from Paris Window Figures and Shop Fronts at the Salon d'Automne A Successful Art Policy Austin Reed, Ltd. by W. D. H. McCullougbM.A. Modern Display at Leipzigby H. Nachod Allied Arts by C. Harold Vernon Personalities in PublicityRailways Make a Picture of your Goods Cunard Advertising Notes 4i 49 52 64 7° 75 76 79 86-88 Specimens of printed adver tising and photographs of all forms of display are ■welcomed. If returnablespecimens should be so labelledand return postage sent. Original designs are sent at owner's risk. Aubrey Hammond. Theatre Booklet Tom Purvis. Poster. Austin Reed, Ltd. Austin Reed Booklets L. W. Anson. Booklet. Cunard Steamship Co., Ltd. 47 53 61 83 Published by THE STUDIO LTD., Editorial and Publishing Offices44 Leicester Square, London, W.C.2 Advertising Office80 Fleet Street, London, E.C.4 is. per copy. 16s. per annum post free. Bound vol. 10s. 6d. F. A. Mercer W. Gaunt, Joint Editors Advertisement rates for un- displayed advertisements3 s. for 32 wordsit. for each eight or less beyond. For replies to Box Numbers it. extra. Advertisement rates for Designs wanted, 10s. (>d. per inch single col. 1

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