ALLIED ARTS By C. Harold Vernon, F.I.P.A. THERE is a No-man's Land which men call Advertising. Within its ill- defined borders, artists, journalists, sales men, typographers, block-makers, printers, even psychologists have pitched their tents. It is of the artist's strange encamp ment that I would write, for there the copywriter and the commercial artist bivouac together, and their master can command the field. POLISH YOUR IAOONDAWITH *twON Vice-President of the Advertising Association. Chairman and Managing Director C. Vernon and Son*, Ltd., Incorporated Practitioners in Advertising A with compliments label that is also an eloquent compliment to the ideals of its senders. Designed by J. Fitton, of C. Vernon and SonsLtd. CLIMAX A before and after advertisement which composes into a forceful modernist design. Produced by C. Vernon and Sons, Ltd. 70 'fVtih the cornfifirnvnt% of

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