WINTER VISITORS Both are comparatively newcomers the new engineers required by a revolu tion in marketing, which for simple buy to sell has substituted the complications and obligations of" make, mark, market." Both are near to more established Arts, but I know of no great novelist who is also a first-class copywriter, and, with apologies to the L.M.S., I know of no Royal Academician who is also a first-class commercial artist. It is true, both copy writer and commercial artist can claim kinship with Letters and with Art, but it is no nearer than is expressed in the paradox that while good literature and good art may be bad copy and bad commercial art, good copy and good commercial art can never be bad literature or bad art. It is primarily as a factory of ideas and themes expressed by copywriting and commercial art that a modern Advertising Agency must justify its existence. To this special end, in many agencies, an exaggerated specialisation has created a race of unfortunate individuals who are known as ideas men. I am told that it is their function to think out and to visualise the initial theme, and to leave its detailed working out to others. In my THE SUN NEVER SETS ON THE ORCHARDS OF EMPIRE The Empire Fruit advertising for 1928 was conspicuous for the originality of its designs. This is by J. Fitton, of C. Vernon and Sons, Ltd.

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