m^u ^T\\ Tonwtnu opinion that is a regrettable development. Within the agency that bears my name, I have always insisted that every advertise ment produced shall be stamped with the personality of its author. I consider it the proper function of the copywriter to devise his own theme and to work it out. Before he sets pen to paper he must find the idea which will vitalise his finished work. He may well scrap many sheets of paper, scrawled with vacant scatterings, before at last comes the happy inspiration, before he thrills to a theme that makes his pen flow freely, and sets his brother artist tingling to be at his brushes. To dissociate copywriter and ideas man is to convert both into mere hacksno man can think satisfactorily unless he has the joy of consequent action no man can write satisfactorily if he writes at another's bidding. The true copywriter has fascinating work. Having found his theme, he plays on it until he determines his final style, and produces a piece of writing that is copy in which every word tells, with a twist to its meanings, a play in its metaphor, a crispness in its phrasing, and a purposefulness in its thought. Good copy is never mere wordiness to please a copywriter's literary favouritism, nor is it a mere list of selling points to delight a sales manager. Bad copy at its worst will begin with cliché and end with jargon good copy at its best will weave and interweave the picturesque and the matter of fact, wit with information, metaphor and simile with subject verb ol» gladly suiter pain» with a forced mile is a martyrdom utterly Embrocation is release from all there la inflammation, Elliman soothing you need relief from the g ip when alee up with a sore thro hest. Ell And to those who are happily Th« fOUSfiiti HHUBAWCt CO IIP IMURANCE CO ||D Thinl Hntd C SJ. CORNHILL, LONDON, EC.» an. Mint. Cardill. Gtnrow, Norwich. NulUnthun. Wliuci Three examples of copywriter and artist in delightful harmony. Produced by C. Vernon and Sons, Ltd. 72

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1929 | | page 42