be spoilt, and that his most brilliant work will never have a tithe of the fame which may come to the luckier artist who illustrates it. It is to mitigate this last disadvantage that I would like to see the journals which criticise Advertising mention the name of the copywriter, as well as the name of the designer.* It would be a move forward in the direction of a truer recognition of a highly-skilled and rapidly developing art. and predicate, and at all times it will be telling rather than selling." The copywriter's work is not, therefore, easy. Moreover, his freedom is restricted, and a client who would hesitate to mutilate a sketch will have no hesitation in rewriting and possibly ruining a piece of copy. The copywriter must be content with anonymity he must reconcile himself to the fact that his best work may TO CANADA 73 F.ORGE III never did like America. Of ■—wigwams and Jog cabins lie did not approve; J so he Hung away his American Colonics when he had never seen them. If he could see them nowas he ought to see them, from his suite in a Bowman Biltmore Hotel, he'd be a naturalized cirizcn within a week. There is much that is Eighteenth Century about a Bowman Biltmore Hotelthat meticulous care for the derails of personal well-being, that capacity to make grandeur comfortable and en tertaining. Of the two thousand guests that your Bowman Biltmore gathers under one roof, not one will ever feel overwhelmedthe grand scale does not mean the grand manner. Bowman Biltmore Hotels link the best of what is known of 18th century courtesy with the best of what America knows of 20th century clliciency. FREE TRAVEL SERVICE IN LONDON PARIS let the Botcmau Bill more Travel Bureauri flay market, Loudon, or 2 Hue ile hi Paix, Paris, help you plan your tnp, make your reservations for you in train, steamship and hotel, and relieve you 0/ all the worry and responsibility. Write for illustrated brochure or call personally. HOt** —The Tiilimorr, Hotel BeUXAIK, Fla.—Bellevit Commix rty Hill Hotel. PwiviiitNCF., R.I.Providence Bill- Lot, Cai_Lot Anjele» Bilc- Atianta, Ga.Allnnla Biltmore. Havana. Cuba.Seville Biltmore.' Nstv London, Conn.—The Griswold. Fla.Miami Wilminciton, Del.Do Pont Biltmore. NOW BUILDING DAYTON, Ohio.Dayton Biltmore. Santa Barbara, CAt.Santa Barbara Biltmore. Havana. Cuba.—Havana Biltmore Yacht Country Club. Another example of brilliant and careful design with original copy treatment. Produced by C. Vernon and Sons, Ltd. Commercial Art is quite willing to make such an acknowledgment provided information is supplied. The dignity of a great line worthily represented in a really striking lay-out. Produced by C. Vernon and Sons, Ltd. M a g n i f i cent Liners ANTONIA ASCANIA ANDAN1A ALAUNIA AURANIA AUSONIA SOUTHAMPTON LIVERPOOL QUEBEC MONTREAL CABIN, TOURIST THIRD CABIN and THIRD CLASS

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