S«€S«g$ï mu.u THE aRRIAOE WAITS The copywriter's chief allythe com- mercial artisthas the same fascinations, with perhaps greater liberty and certainly fewer disadvantages. Not a few business men will tell you that any fool can write copyand proceed to rewrite it them selvesbut all will agree that it takes an artist to illustrate it. They still, however, find it very difficult to understand that commercial art is not mere realistic illustration. Commercial art has long passed the stage when realism and draftsmanship were sufficient. The function of realism now belongs more properly to the camera a development which has long been obvious in the illustrations of both the daily and the weekly press, and which is becoming more and more obvious in advertising. An advertisement is no longer a piece of writing illustratedat the top and finished at the bottom with a trick name- block. Whatever its subject, a modern advertisement is primarily an essay in design and that is true whether the chosen subject is a happy baby or an abstract symbol. It is from this point of view that the so-called lay-out man is to my mind as unfortunate a development of recent years as the ideas man. It is the proper function of the true commercial artist to design the complete lay-out, as well as to carry out the art-work it is one of his duties to determine the shape and size of the type-mass as well as of the name plate, to assess the weight of the lettering as well as of the illustrationit is for typographers and block makers to carry out his instructions. Commercial art is above all else applied 74 It's a good feeling when a good show's over, to wait with your party till the major-domo waves for ward YOUR car. The latest model Bulck Saloon to-night, as there are four of you. And yet (whisper it not in Pall Mall, and let the ever - penurious rejoice) that handsome limousine—complete with chauffeur, six to midnight —is costing you under a pound You see, its cheaper to hire than to buy. The G.D. Service offers you limousine, tourer or run about, and you drive yourself if you wish, and the rate is only 6d. to 1 Id a mile. You pay nothing for garage, petrol, oil, tax or repairs. Next time you do a show be sure you It's cheaper to hire than to buy. Write for full details of G.D. rates and terms and for to night, any night, or the week end, ring up GODFREY DAVIS CO (Dept. D. 17j 26, Albemarle Street, W.l 'PhoneRegent 7618 Ami at 140 v One of the familiar G. Iit series. De signed by J. Fitton, of C. Vernon and SonsLtd.

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