PERSONALITIES IN PUBLICITY artit is never art for art's sake it is the treatment of an advertisement as an artistic unit, and the designing of that advertisement as a whole with the maxi mum economy of effort and the maximum vividness of effect. The commercial artist is a creative artista thinker and a planner, a learner and a watcher, an observer and a traveller. He never ceases to study, and always strives for originality above all else, he is a designer. But there is a danger in this insistence on the importance of design. The true commercial artist will reduce his problem to its simplest terms and will adopt a new convention as a means to his desired end lesser fry will use his new convention as an end in itself. The true commercial artist will simplify a theme into a simple formula his counterfeit will imitate the manner and remain ignorant of the method, he will reproduce affectations and never produce effects. To distinguish between the two is perhaps the gravest obligation resting on all who have to do with the buying and selling of advertising. I believe that the future of the Advertising profession is full of promise, provided that Advertising Agents allow, and are permitted to allow, their copy writers and commercial artists to develop their allied arts to the full. Within my own agency, I have tried to maintain the supreme importance of giving copywriter and artist the utmost freedom, and I have put my faith in bold experiment rather than in subservience to so-called laws of advertising. In my dealings, too, with clients I have found that they more and more appreciate that an Advertising Agent is not merely a tool but a nervous organism, that he should not merely be given instructions, but that he must be given scope. The future of advertising depends on the originality and boldness of allied artists, of copy writers and designers, and not less on the faith and courage of manufacturers. 75 L.M.S. G.W.R. Mr. G. H. Loftus Allen Entered the L.N.W.R. in 1913. Served in the Goods and Passenger Departments. Went to France in 1915 as Railway Transport Officer. In 1920 was Chief of the British Railway Mission to Roumania. Advertis ing and Publicity Manager of the L.M.S. since 1927. Young, energetic, progressive. Mr. J. Blumenfeld Elliot Mr. W. H. Fraser Sometimes called the doyen of the Railway Publicity world. Born 1873 and first started in the advertising profession with the Somerset County Herald over 30 years ago. First assistant to, and then himself Publicity Manager of the G.W.R. Assistant to the General Manager, Mr. J. B. Elliot is not confined by the particular appellation of Publicity Manager. His work comprises many phases of public and internal relations. He is the improvement expert," whether it be in bringing out a poster or suggesting an amelioration of service. Came to Waterloo in January, 1925, after journalistic experience Assistant Editor of the Evening Standard, etc.)

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