MAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR GOODS BERTRAM PARK'S PHOTOGRAPHS SHOW THE NECESSITY OF COMPOSITION IT has been the privilege of Commercial Art to illustrate from time to time the work of individual commercial photo graphers, and on this and subsequent pages we show recent examples from the studio of Bertram Park. Mr. Park has specialised in photographic advertisement illustrations for the past two years, and has produced some excellent studies. Like many other leading photographers, he started as an amateurin fact, some of his first amateur efforts were published in The Studio during 1909and he is now in the front rank of professional photo graphers. Mr. Park has very definite views regard ing photographic advertising. He says A great variety of goods by many 76 different manufacturers have been treated as still life studies, for with imagination and artistic knowledge the apparently most unpromising articles and objects can be made into telling picturespictures that will sell the goods, and after all the right kind of photograph is the best selling kind of medium in the world." Mr. Park is a master of artificial light ing, which he uses almost exclusively in his studio. One of his exhibits at the Professional Photographers' Association Showand a study made by his wife, Yvonne Gregoryappeared in the Novem ber number of Commercial Art. This again shows Mr. Park's knowledge of his subject, and his ability to produce photo graphs that sell the goods." Photographic Study by Bertram Park for Austin Reed and Harrods Limited. (By Courtesy of Woman's Journal

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1929 | | page 46