CUNARD ADVERTISING CUNARD SHIPPING publicity has many natural advantages from the sell ing point of view, owing to the fact that the public and especially the British public has a strong interest in the romance of the sea. It is doubtful, however, whether the extent and variety of the publicity of a big shipping com pany is widely realised. The specimens that appear in the present issue represent only a few of the many means of stimulat ing the sale of accommodation and creating new business. A rough idea of the variety of shipping publicity may be gained by classifying it under the follow ing general headings (a) newspaper publicity (b) outdoor display (c) book lets and folders (d) printed matter for use in the ships. The daily and weekly press, from a shipping point of view, has no greater selling force. Apart from the regular announcements of sailing dates and rates, display advertising is extensively em ployed, especially in connection with cruises, tours, emigration, special sailing announcements, etc. Under the heading of outdoor publicity the most important item is, of course, posters. Apart from those employed for general circulation, special account must be taken of large posters used for special positions, and designs specially adapted for railway in dicators or theatre act drops. Booklets and folders are essential for convey ing a true idea of the accommodation which it is desired to sell. I he general policy of using actual photographs wherever possible is well illustrated in the accompanying specimens. In addition to the circulation of these, either through the post or direct to the public, there is a vast amount of printed matter for circula tion to agents, including show-cards, window cards, mailing cards and circulars. Finally, there are the various kinds of printed matter distributed on the ships passenger lists, menus, etc., which form a most valuable as well as attractive form of publicity, owing to the fact that so many of them are treasured by passengers as permanent souvenirs of a pleasant crossing or cruise by Cunard. 79 Luxury Liner Service CARINTH1A FRANCONIA SAMARIA The only Steamers carrying FIRST and SECOND CLASS PASSENGERS Irom LIVERPOOL to NEW YORK. SAMARIA Jun< 2 Junt 30 July 2i KRANCONIA June I6 Jul» 14 Aug II CARINTHIA June 16 Aut 2b An effective display advertise ment, remarkable for simplicity of design and space not over crowded with type matter

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1929 | | page 49