Can I see the Sales Manager? Caricature and the Art which Pays smsmsmsmsm smsmsmsmsm By Percy V. Bradshaw It is one thing to have something to show the sales manager of a large business concern, but it is quite another matter to gain personal access to him, even though your goods or service are "the best yet." But he does read Sales Manage ment (The British Journal of Selling), and your advertisement in its pages will give you the introduc tion to him which you so much desirefor Sales Management is read by the sales managers of the most important business concerns in this country. Practically every reader of the journal is a potential client of the commercial artist, the art service, the advertising agency, the printer, the blockmaker, and the display specialist. It is the only journal in Britain which deals solely with Selling, and it reaches and holds the attention of the busy executive who has little time and less inclination to read business publications in general. Artist's Monthly Drawing and Design IZerpSumaf FOYLES FOR BOOKS 'Phone (Gerrard 3571-2), write, or send and a specimen copy of Sales Manage ment is yours for the asking. THE LOUIS CASSIER CO., LIMITED Principal of the Press Art School J. The Art which pays, and pays well, is Black-and-White working for Publishers, Editors and Advertisers. The success of the old Pupils who drew the sketches below, is proof of this. One is now Cartoonist to a famous Newspaper, the second a leading Press Illustrator. While the third needs no introduction from me. If you are interested in Caricature, Humorous Drawing, or Press Illustration of any kind, send for my Free Prospectus. It describes the Postal Courses which have trained many of the leading Illustrators of to-day. In your ou)n home, you can start with my Preparatory Course and progress, easily and happily, from depicting simple flowers to caricaturing our Politicians. My Advanced Course is de signed to convert the conven tionally-trained Artist into the Cartoonist and Cari caturist,the Story and Adver tisement Illustrator in a nutshell to teach him or her to produce the kind of work which will sell. "Poy,"Tom Webster, Bert Thomas, Alfred Leete, H. M. Bateman and J. A. Shepherd have provided complete illustrated lessons in Caricature and Humorous Drawing. These lessons, which form only a section of the Courses, explain in the fullest detail exactly how their work is produced. Let me send you my Prospectus giving full particu- lars of my Postal Courses. The Courses have sections devoted to Landscape, Cartoon Caricature, Animal and Figure Drawing, Humorous Art, Advertisement and Story Illustration. Percy V. Bradshaw, The PRESS ART SCHOOL (Dept. C.A.26 Tudor Hall, Forest Hill, S.E. 23. By kind permis sion of the iLondon Evening News." FOYLK'S SPECIAL OFFKRS ductions of Old Masters and examples of New Art, Tech nique, Modern Treatment, Criticism and Essays. Rich in suggestion to the artist. Bound volume, October, 1925, to March, 1926. Published at 21s. Offered (new) 7s. 6d. (postage Is.) Form (1924-25). Profusely illustrated. Full of useful studies on Sketching, Designing, and the work of Modern Artists, besides containing a series of reproductions from photo graphs of helpful studies of the Human Form. 4to, cloth, new condition. Published at 30s. Offered at 15s. (postage Is.) Above sent on approval. Quote Offer 326 VV. G. FOYLE, LTD., 119-125 Charing Cross Road, London, W.C.2. Gerrard 9310 (Established 1891) 22 HENRIETTA STREET, STRAND, W.C.2 11

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