Ilk© mm wik® Wnmlcecll ff©F six s©®.§®im^ graphs of the Palace where the Fair is held, and other helpful facts are set out in a booklet which we have just received. The official delegate in this country is M. Jean Victor, 77A Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4, from whom further particulars could be obtained. (Right). Heading and illustration from a It a morons space-selling folder issued by The Illus trated Sporting and D ram a tic News." Illus tration by Bethell Jones Below). Front cover of a folder issued by the Printing Department of Norfolk Studio Ltd. Oil the centre opening of the folder the circular concludes its flight, landing on the Manager's table LYONS INTERNATIONAL FAIR ihe date of the next Lyons Fair has been fixed for March 4_I7> '9^9* Twenty foreign countries will be represented at this Exhibition, and four thousand manu facturers will display their goods. Plans, an estimated cost of exhibiting, photo TRAVHJUBRS WAIT MIRE]

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