THE EDITORS WOULD BE PLEASED TO RECEIVE REVIEW Climbing Up." By Herbert A. Casson Efficiency Magazine). 5^. net. I started out to review this book and have read every word of it, and what is more it has done me good. Mr. Casson claims that in this book he has set down the things he would have been glad to know when he started to earn his own living," and he has not over-stated his case. To the young man or young woman who is anxious to do something more than he or she is already doing, the cost of this book is money well spent. Everything worth while has to be paid for, and there is very little which one cannot accomplish if one really wants to sufficiently to pay the pricehard work, sustained effort, constant striving. Mr. Casson shows us that the price can be a pleasure instead of drudgery, and that the reward in self-confidence, independence and satisfaction is well worth while. M.F. FROM YOU Specimens of advertisement design for consideration for the 1929 issue of POSTERS AND PUBLICITY," COMMERCIAL ART ANNUAL. Every kind of printed advertising of good design is acceptable. This includes POSTERS, PRESS ADVERTISEMENTS, SHOWCARDS, BOOKLETS, BOX AND TIN WRAPPINGS, LABELS, TRADE-MARKS, PROSPECTUSES. BOX AND TIN WRAP PINGS ARE SPECIALLY ACCEPTABLE. Specimens should be recent in date, i.e., published during the preceding twelve months, and nothing should be sent of which the sender is unable himself to authorise reproduction. Specimens should be addressed to THE EDITOR, POSTERS AND PUBLICITY," 44 Leicester Square, London, and should reach this address not later than March 31 They will not be returned unless this is expressly desired. It is particularly requested that the Advertiser, Designer, Agent and Printer of each design should be specified. FOR YOUR URGENT ATTENTION 88

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