GOOD PRINT WHATMAN J Whatman Art for Art's Sake for you to sell FOSH CROSS LTD. Good print is easy to sell. It is easy to produce when machines are kept up-to- date, when men are treated as partners in an enthusiastic service and are supplied with every accessory, as it is proved to be worth while. Machines for bronzing, punching, varnishing, folding, printing two colours at one operation for stitching, embossing, etching and type setting mean competitive prices for you. Send us your enquiries for any printLetter press or Offset Litho -and give us an opportunity to show that we understand your problems and want your orders. GENUINE HAND-MADE DRAWING PAPERS W. RBALSTON, L™ Maidstone. H. REEVE ANGEL Co., Ltd., The John Hassall Correspondence Art School, A REAL CONFIDENTIAL PRINTING SERVICE 88 92 Mansell St., Aldgate, London, E.1 Established 1897 Telephone ROYAL 0945 4 lines Telegrams PRINTRADE. LONDON Equally suitable for Water-colour, Pen-and-ink and Pencil, there is a grade to suit every preference. Ask also to see samples of WHATMAN Antique Laid and Cream Laid and Wove soft sized Papers for Etchings, Editions de Luxe, etc., WHATMAN Deed Parchment for Certificates, Illuminated Addresses, etc. Sole Manufacturers This Watermark appears in every genuine sheet Visible by holding paper to the light. OBTAINABLE FROM ALL ARTISTS' COLOUR- MEN AND DRAWING OFFICE STATIONERS. Sample Booklet and Current Price List obtainable from Sole Sales Representatives 9 Bridewell Place, LONDON, E.C.4 to whom please write in case of any difficulty in obtaining supplies. Copy this Sketch for jree criticism EVERY artist and Art student should take full and immediate advantage of the opportunities offered to those who are skilled in the special ised technique of Commercial Art. Such work produces a gener ous and welcome financial re turn, and, through the conveni ent medium of a John Hassall Postal Course, it is possible quickly and easily to acquire proficiency in the production of striking and original advertise ment illustrations, magazine drawings, poster designs, car toons, caricatures, and a great variety of other Commercial Art work in Black and White or Colour. Send a copy of the accom panying sketch (or, better still, an example of your own original work), and you will receive FREE of any charge or obliga tion (1) Expert and candid advice. (2) A handsome Brochure, fully illustrated by John Hassall, R.I., and his pupils. This contains full particulars of the JOHN HASSALL WAY— what it iswhat it has done for others, and what it can do for you Write to Dept. H 8/5, St. Albans. The Hassall Courses provide complete instruction in the following subjects: 1. Elementary Drawing. 2. Complete Black White Course, including Drawing for Reproduction. 3. Figure Drawing. 4. Poster Design ing, etc. IX

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