COMMERCIAL ART TSCHE STANLEY UNWIN REPORTS VERLAG FRANCKEN 6? LANG G.M.B.H., BERLIN W30 BOUND VOLUMES about this remarkable book in The Publishers'1 Circular and Booksellers' Record T c c. of THE STUDIO, LTD., 44 LEICESTER SQUARE, LONDON x Die Deutsche Werbegraphik," by Dr. Walter F. Schubert (price Mks. 48), is indeed a most remarkable work. In its 300 pages of text and nearly 500 illustrations (many in colour) are traced before us the evolution of the Graphic Arts in Germany in connection with publicity "—using that term in its broadest sense, because the literal meaning of werbung is recruiting." Whatever we may think of German art, and sometimes it is repellant to the English taste, we cannot but admire the care and thought bestowed upon its reproduction. Most space is naturally devoted to the poster (whether small or' large), but prospectuses, catalogue covers, advertisements, letter headings, wrapping papers of all kinds, trade-marks, book coversall have their place. In fact, nothing escapes Dr. Schubert's net. The work of over 200 artists is here represented. As a piece of book production, this large folio volume is a model of its kind, and reflects the greatest credit upon printer and publisher alike. Messrs. Francken Lang deserve our congratulations upon an interesting piece of work, amazingly well done. Stanley Unwin. 5 9 Vol. Y now ready. 10/6 net, Postage 1/6 BINDING CASES In blue cloth, gold lettering. Price 2/6, Postage 6d.

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1929 | | page 60