CLAPHAM SCHOOL OF ART HEATHERLEY'S THE POLYTECHNIC SCHOOL of ART THE ST. JOHN S WOOD ART SCHOOLS, THE CRO/VENOR SCHOOL or MODERN ART 6 EDGELEY ROAD, CLAPHAM ROAD, S.W.4 REGENT STREET, W.l 11-13 GEORGE ST., BAKER STREET, LONDON W.l ADMINISTRATIVE COUNTY OF LONDON Principal: W. A. WILDMAN, a.r.c.a., r.b.a. STAFF— W. WASHINGTON, A.R.C.A.(Lond.) J. ILLINGWORTH KAY MRS. D. BOXSIUS W. F. ASHBURNER, a.m.c., b.w.s. D. I. SMART, R.E MISS A. BARKER J McCULLOCH, A.R.C.A. E. SUTTON, a.r.c.a. MISS I. C. GURNEY, b.a. R. FITCHFORTH, a.r.c.a. MISS M. W. TAYLOR DAY AND EVENING CLASSES Life Drawing and Painting, Head and Costume, Still-Life, Figure Composition, Book Illustrations, Lettering, Design, Etching, Wood Engraving and Cutting, Fashion Drawing, Embroidery. Particulars of all Classes on application to the School MONTAGU H. COX, Clerk of the London County Council PrincipalFrederick D. Walenn 29 ELM TREE ROAD, N.W.8 The Schools provide a complete course of training in Art, including Life (Figure and Costume), Observation and Memory Drawing, Anatomy and Composition. Special Classes for those who wish to train for Commercial Art, including Black-and-White, Lettering and Fashion Drawing. Students may join at any time and for any period. All applications to be made to the Principal Headmaster G. P. GASKELL, R.B.A., R.E. Lite Classes— H. WATSON, R.w.s. DesignH. G. THEAKER, R.B.A., a.r.c.a. Landscape and Still Life—G. H. LENFESTEY, r.b.a., a.r.c.a. Modelling— H. BROWNSWORD, A.R.B.S., a.r.c.a. Full courses of training for Students intending to become Painters, Sculptors, Book Illustrators, Designers or Art Teachers LIFE CLASSES (Figure and Costume), for Men and Women, are held every day and every evening (except Saturday). MODELLING LIFE CLASSES, six times weekly. Classes in DESIGN, FIGURE COMPOSITION, DRAWING FOR REPRODUCTION, etc., every day and every evening. A Special Section of the School is devoted to the study of LANDSCAPE PAINTING Prospectus on Application to the Director of Education, The Polytechnic, 309 Regent Street, W. 33 WARWICK SQUARE, S.W.I. Principal: Iain Macnab, A.R.E., F.R.S.A. LIFE CLASSES DAILY Telephone: Victoria 1972 Five minutes from Victoria Station. BOOKS OF TICKETS FOR QUICK SKETCH CLASSES. 4.30 to 9.30 For Prospectus and History of the School apply to the Secretary A PARIS STUDIO IN LONDON FOR PAINTERS, ILLUSTRATORS AND COMMERCIAL ARTISTS For both Beginners and Advanced Students No Entrance Examination DAILY 10 to 5 Students can join by the year, quarter or month starting any day This famous old School, now in its 84th year, has been obliged to enlarge its premises. The new School is just double the size of the old one. The Studios are large and airy. There is a pas senger lift, a common room for Students, a roof garden, and separate Studios for private lessons. (Just behind Selfridges and next door to the Wallace Collection) Principal Henry G. Massey Professors Frederic Whiting, r.s.w., r.p., n.p.. Hors Concours, Paris Salon; J. Blair Leighton, Bernard Adams, f.r.s.a., r.o.i., r.p.; Howard Pen- ton (Byron Art Studios); Gertrude Massey. Tele.: Ambassador 9744 All old Heatherley Students and others interested are invited to come and see the new Studios XI

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