but not so innocent! or the tr/to Cares advertising is just awakening to the startling discovery that it is not the picture which counts but the WORD. This is typography's coming of age. Printing, type, has remained until quite recently shut up within the narrow limits of book and newspaper. Having devoted a part of my youth to such work I have the right to say that the problems set by the book are short, few in number, and do not greatly lend themselves to the exercise of skill. They do not require to take into account, in any case, the art of persuasion since the book is addressed to the reader who has already bought it. Except for its cover it owes nothing in its lay-out to propaganda. And the question of typography is mainly one of propaganda. We, typographers, are the apostles and missionaries of a thousand causes which would never pros per without our care. For a long time the copywriter's art has attained a high degree of excellence in the United States and elsewhere with regard to the wording of the text, its credibility and vivacity, but the colla boration of the writer and the layout man is left to chance. My impression is that the time is coming when the text and layout will be the work of one man. In many cases, now, a phrase full of sense and in good taste remains un noticed for want of allowing the exact number of letters and signs necessary to 46 fill the space assigned to it. Words are ideas and they are also bricks, of which the master mason should have a definite quantity in order to construct the building. It would be saying too much to call this an easy task but it is a possible one. In an advertising text it is always allowable to make changes. I will mention two personal examples. The title of Cendrar's celebrated novel was at first La Vie et les Merveilleuses Aventures du General Karl Johann August Suter." I persuaded the author to change this to the brief L'Or," which made a good cover and helped greatly in the success of the book. In the Hermès catalogue for which last year I made the drawings, the photographs, the print ing and the text, I was obliged to write this letter by letter in cross-word spaces in order to be sure of giving an equal balance to each page. In France, which is the only country I can safely judge, advertising typography is extending widely. I say typography, not letter designing, which is in place only in the poster where it is a part of the design and elsewhere constitutes a grave heresy. We are in the happy position of being in the beginning of things and of having no precedents to follow. It is the more curious for us to watch the evolution which has been taking place How they did it in America How they do it in America

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