firm has concentrated upon in their display policy it is in the new ways they have devised to exploit their special shoe sales. In this display the great feature is the striking line of cut-out letters placed at the front bottom of the window. The shoes themselves are displayed in an interesting manner on triangular shaped mirrors that are fixed to regulation telescopic metal shoe stands, and each triangular mirror on which the shoes were shown had a duplicate triangle upright mirror hinged to the back to enable the public to see the back of the shoe and the height of the heels as well as the front. Here is a display that was a striking departure from conventional methods which immediately compels attention by the oddity of placing such a big sign at the base and the original method of show ing each pair of shoes. Glove Sale. In this we have an example of how the most inexpensive and commonplace media can be successfully employed by the practical display-manwith the exception of the four small stands placed at each end of the window, two right and two leftthe design on which the gloves were arranged consisted of an inverted triangular-shaped screen framed in one- by two-inch wood battens, with an additional number of single battens fixed in a sloping position, and conforming to the shape of the triangle on either side on which the various items of gloves were fixed by inserting a strong heavy type of short steel knitting needle at intervals along each batten and placing the middle finger of one glove over the needle which maintained it in an upright position while its mate was shown as indicated in the photograph. Continued on page 85 A display of sky blue Knit wear by Swan Edgar, Etd. The lighting was blue and steel, and the flowers contributed to the same colour scheme

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1929 | | page 26