THE MODERN SPIRIT IN ADVERTISING up e h/atve/y shod, by <3>i MESSRS. GREENLYS' EXHIBITION. ONE of the best of the many stunts with which it has been sought to advertise advertising is the discovery that it may rank as a respected modern art. The term stunt is used in no disparag ing sense. Advertising is a respected modern art, and a little fanfare to pro claim the fact does no harm to anybody. It opens the eyes of those people who distrust modern art of any kind and prefer to bury themselves in the bric-a- brac of an age that is dead. It establishes 75 Press Advertisement designed and produced by Greenlys, Ltd And a joy to wear TwiaMing in Bond Sircct. Trending firmly RiHV. Onlang softly into the COS/ •Arpct o.t ilic Embassy for lunchthen ndiantly refreshed to the tnii-a show of ed Art a! some toltly lit ««Ion; In the evening sluing comfortably in the stalls <ti Somerset Maugham'» newest and most talked nI triumph. Then supper, supremely served At the Alnyfnir nnd a donee or more to Ambrose's rhythmic rhythms. And so to hlisslul bed untired by on exceptionally energetic day. FLu elsior shoes do give you perfect poise, t, harming, ehlc And fastidiously f.sslnoned by F. lutchings Company, Excelsior Works, Bristol And London. ?rWor

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1929 | | page 41